Il Computer

We get back close to 11pm from dinner. There’s a computer in the lobby for guests to use (what I had been using to post everything that happened in the first day or so). James asks if I’d like something to drink as the temperamental computer boots up. Some grappa, perhaps? After explaining that I’ve never really had grappa, he exclaims that he’s got the smoothest grappa ever. Intrigued (and not knowing that it would end up costing me €10 later on), I take a glass. It has a faint hint of hazelnuts and slowly disappears as I walk around (still waiting) and finally type.

We have an early morning tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop me from checking email and writing in journals until 3am. We hit the hay finally and get a few hours of sleep before getting up at 7:30/8am for Alba and Bra (for the market and cheese festival, respectively).

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