United Flight 926

Still not terribly excited. Sadder still, at the moment I’m more excited about the fact that one of the in-flight movies is “Kung-Fu Panda” than the fact that we’re going to Italy. Sad, Chris… just sad.

After the movie, I realize what the time is in Italy and at home. I’m determined to get a little sleep to conquer the pending jet lag. Consequently, I pop two pills (the recommended dosage) of “Night Nurse,” an OTC medication that Nancy picked up on her trip to Ireland a while ago, which is roughly the equivalent of NyQuill (but supposedly more potent and probably illegal to bring back to the states.

I don’t know if it’s that the Night Nurse is expired, or that I usually need more than the recommended dosage, or that we just finished “pot roast” (something that resembled meat and wouldn’t qualify as cuisine anywhere but on an airplane, but was actually decent, considering the context), but it didn’t kick in for awhile. Like, hours, a while.

The thing is, Nancy decided that she would try to sleep as well… without any medication..and without really being tired. Neither of us got comfortable, so we though we’d try being uncomfortable together in the hopes that the comfort of our bodies close to each other would make us more comfortable than uncomfortable. It didn’t work, but it did lend me to an internal monologue that incorporated a scientific discovery I’d read about involving an Australian Giant Squid and trans-state physics, that may have brought me to nirvana regarding assertive affection and figure-4 leg-lock cuddling. Regardless… I fell asleep at some point, and woke up when we hit some turbulence (which ended up being the ground).