Lufthansa Flight 3888

Veird. That’s all I can say. Veird. The gate looks like a normal gate, but there’s no plane outside. Oh, there are planes outside, just not outside our gate. Instead, after passing through the gate and walking downstairs, we were greeted not with a plane afterwords, but a parking garage and a bus. Eh…. are we driving to Milan? No, no. The bus takes us to the plane, the über-sterile plane, and we eventually take off with “Cherman” efficiency.

The flight was uneventful. Well, not entirely. I did pass on the “ham & cheese sandwich” (comprised of 1 slice ham + 1 slice cheese, each designed to fit precisely on 1 dinner roll-sized dinner roll). Given my proclivity towards cured meats and cheeses, this could qualify as an event, but I think we all know that I mean “uneventful” in the conventional sense.

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